Jefferson Lines

Jefferson Lines needed a modern website that was mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate for consumers visiting the site to book a trip, or track a bus. Much of the redesign was focused on creating a mobile-friendly experience since many customers browse the site while using their phones as they travel. A “mobile-only” homepage was created that simplified the site design and drove users to the most important pages they’d likely be looking at on their phones – booking, bus tracking, and bus stops. The website was optimized for search functionality as another method for users to find the information they are looking for quickly. Mega dropdowns were created to organize content as well as add to the visual interest of the site. The site integrates with two different third-party systems for ticketing and real-time bus tracking. The updated user experience on the site made it easier for users to find information quickly while on-the-go.

Done while at Windmill Design